Here you can find my Handspun / Hand Dyed yarn made from the finest fibers as well as my hand painted sock yarn for all you sock addicts out there. If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail me, I welcome questions, comments and suggestions. My preferred payment method is paypal but credit cards, and checks are accepted.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sock yarn Update - SOLD OUT

I know it's been a while but here we go!

In this update I have 3 different types of Superwash yarn. They are all $22 per skein. I'm sorry but due to rising costs I'm going to have to start charging $1 per skein for shipping - this is still less than the actual shipping costs! Please email me for Availability and Payment.

Signature SW - My original Superwash yarn which is a tight twist fine fingering yarn and 4 oz has approx 480 yards. Knit best with a 0 or 1 needle

Soft Spun SW - Similar to the Signature except the twist is not as tight, also a fine fingering 4 oz has approx. 500 yards (for those of you who really know sock yarn - this is very much like louet sock yarn but this is actually a bit finer and I think it's softer)

Instant Gratification SW - This Superwash sock yarn knits up quickly and you can have a pair of socks in no time. 4oz. has 280 yards which is perfect for a pair of socks. Use needles from 3-6 or so (I like 3 or 4's myself)


1 1 Odd Duck - Signature SW SOLD OUT
2 2 Thomas The Train - Signature SW - SOLD OUT


3 3 Jungle Canopy - Light - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
4 4 Blueberry Bramble - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
5 5 Comforting - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
6 6 Wading - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT 7 7 Deep Waters - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
8 8 Baby Booties - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
9 9 Queenie - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
10 10 Posey - Soft Spun SW SOLD OUT
11 11 Rainbow Sherbet - soft Spun SOLD OUT
12 12 Earth Mother - Soft Spun SOLD OUT
13 13 Banana Bread - Soft Spun SOLD OUT(sorry for the crummy pic!)


14 14 Thomas The Train - Instant Gratification SOLD OUT
15 15 Majestic - Instant Gratification SOLD OUT
16 16 Lombard Melon - Instant Gratification SOLD OUT 17 17 Deep Elemental - Instant Gratification SOLD OUT