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Friday, February 10, 2006

New Yarn 2/10/05

I've got up both 100% Merino (handwash) and 100% superwash wool. The Superwash is new and I love it - it looks very much like koigu and it's got a lovely silky feel to it. It's also super vibrant!

Here are the specs for both tyes of skeins:

100% Merino - 440 yards (plenty for a pair of socks)- #1-3US - Handwash - $18.00

Superwash - Approx. 480 yards (again, plenty for a pair of socks) - I'd suggest #1US for a nice dense fabric. - Superwash! - $22.00

Please email me for availability. Custom Orders are welcome - and as always shipping is free!

Purple Rain - Handwash
Chocolate Covered Charries - Superwash (SOLD)
Flickering Flame - Superwash (SOLD)
Adventurous - Superwash (this will make single stripes one of purple and one of mottled green - you've got to be adventurous to try it!) - SOLD
Jungle Canopy - Superwash (SOLD)
Lovers - Superwash (1 available - this colorway has a few small white spots - just letting you know!)
Under the Sea - Superwash (SOLD)
Carnival - Superwash (SOLD - check the blog to see how it knits up! There are more than a few white spots in this one - I like it like that!)
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Handwash (SOLD)
City Sunset - Handwash